Maps-to-the-Stars Jimmy


As his name suggests, Jimmy sells maps to the stars’ homes to supplement his income, and he has some theories about how their homes might form a mystical grid. This has caused him to cooperate with Kevin on his theory of the holes around Los Angeles. Time will tell where their collaboration leads.

It is known that Jimmy has some business with the Dealer, although it is currently unknown.

Not that anyone is likely to find out. Jimmy came to the American Café on January 11, very unlike himself, and shot and killed Isaiah Franklin in cold blood. He was shot several times by Jones and the random Japanese man at the poker game, and subsequently died of his injuries at the scene. Clark seems to think it was the angry ghost of Maxi Molars that possessed him and did the deed.

Of note, he had a tattoo of James Dean on his left bicep.

Just to make things interesting, Jimmy showed up at Leah’s house the other day, asking about some box Clark owns. Of course, Clark seems to think that wasn’t actually Jimmy, but who knows?

Image retrieved from on February 18, 2016.

Maps-to-the-Stars Jimmy

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