Old Hippie Tom's Pipe


(via https://makesomethingmondays.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/artistic-and-collectable-glass-pipes/)

Many years ago, Leah Fitzroy found herself at a party, and she smoked something that sent her on an intense trip, something about wheels within wheels. When she returned, she was convinced that what she saw was the secret underpinning of reality, and that day-to-day life was a mere simulacrum.

What’s more, the guy who gave her the pipe described her exact trip to her, in detail.

Unsurprisingly, it freaked her out. Over time, the sensation of unreality faded, but the memories never did. She’d be hard-pressed to explain it, but she kept the pipe. It came in handy for Jones’ gutter magick ritual, at least.

Incidentally, Kevin recognized the pipe as the handiwork of Old Hippie Tom. What precisely that portends is unknown.

Old Hippie Tom's Pipe

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