One Glorious Day




“Professor Botts, a meek psychology professor, who is secretly in love with Molly McIntyre, his housekeeper’s daughter, tells the spiritualist society of which he is chairman that he will leave his body, go into a trance, and reappear in a spiritual form. When ‘Ek’—a spirit with aggressive tendencies—enters his body, the professor surprises the entire town by thrashing some scheming politicians who have threatened him, and then, slightly intoxicated, he whips Ben Wadley, a scoundrel who has designs on Molly. When the spirit ‘Ek’ leaves his body and the spirit of the professor again enters its fleshly form, Ezra learns that Molly loves him—although he cannot remember any of the events that occurred during his trance—and he is nominated for mayor.”

One Glorious Day is a lost film from 1922. It stars Will Rogers as the nebbishy Professor Ezra Botts who is possessed by the Viking ghost Ek. Before Will Rogers was attached, however, Fatty Arbuckle was set to star, being removed when his rape case was publicized. Apparently, the original Arbuckle scenes contained more overt occult elements; rumor suggests the Sleepers shut the picture down by Arbuckle’s rape trial.

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One Glorious Day

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