The Naked Goddess

This archetype references the Woman Everyone Can Have But You, and represents the mystery of the femme fatale. (There’s also a bit about the unity of opposites, like the virgin whore.)

According to Mabel, there’s a story floating around the underground that the Naked Goddess is a recent archetype — an anonymous porn actress ascended to godhood on camera in 1996, although the archetype’s roots are pretty old. Like every story in the underground, take it with a grain of salt.

Based on Brian’s description of the Invisible Clergy, it seems likely that the Naked Goddess ascended to the Statosphere on camera. Hence the mystical resonance.

Unsurprisingly, such a dramatic event had ripples in the occult underground. Those who saw the tape became believers, acolytes for the burgeoning Sect of the Naked Goddess.

Jane is apparently an avatar of the Naked Goddess.

The Naked Goddess

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