USW: Tip the World Over on Its Side

Session 102

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jones, Kevin, and Leah gather so that the Gatekeepers can continue making their plans regarding Jasper’s parties. Focusing on the first party in sequence, they delineate a few key pieces of symbolism — like making a sepia-and-burgundy color scheme to invoke old Hollywood, and greeting the visitors from behind a wrought iron gate so as to reinforce their role as “the Gatekeepers” — before descending into the rabbit-hole of another potential idea.

They subsequently wonder if they should create a piece of symbolism to tie all four celebrations together. After some discussion, they decide it should be a physical object, preferably something that Jasper can wear (like a lapel pin or tie tack) or something that can quietly persist in the background of publicity photographs for each event. Given his proclivities, they suspect it ought to be kingly — a crown, a scepter, or some similar piece of effluvium. To give it the appropriate mystical power, they also think it should be made of potent materials, settling on the idea of using gold mined during the gold rush. Kevin suspects he can track down such gold in antique stores, although if that fails, they can always determine whomever owns old mining claims and might either allow access to their properties or have their own samples. (They might also be able to make use of Jimmy less-than-three Brenda or John Fist in these endeavors. As is typical, they plan on avoiding involving The Dealer.)

With further avenues to explore, the Gatekeepers continue their deliberations and also consider what precisely they should plan to do next…



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