USW: Tip the World Over on Its Side

Session 11

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jones, Kevin, and Leah arrive at the police station without incident. A lawyer from Gibson Dunn is waiting outside for Leah when they arrive. Jones and Kevin wait in the waiting area while Leah goes back for her appointment.

Officer Brown repeats a few questions about the break-in before asking if she knows one James Morgan. She does not, but when he produces pictures, she recognizes Maps-to-the-Stars Jimmy. Brown indicates they found his fingerprints at her house, and does she know him at all? She indicates she knows him in passing, but they haven’t really met before. Brown asks a few other questions before letting her go. He gives her his card and tells her to call if she remembers anything else.

Meanwhile, Jones notes a female officer eyeing him. Eventually, she approaches, and asks if he is Mr. Jones. She introduces herself as Detective Patricia Willett and indicates she has questions about Maxi Molars — unofficially. Would he be willing to answer them? He agrees, and she says they can take a walk. He recommends a taco place around the corner.

Jones and Kevin make certain not to acknowledge each other as Jones leaves.

Detective Willett indicates she’s working on the Maxi Molars case and reiterates a couple of facts about it. She says that, in asking around, she’s encountered some connection to the James Morgan shooting at the American Café. Would Jones be able to elaborate? He only deigns to say that he witnessed nothing, other than Jimmy looked strung out or otherwise out-of-sorts. He asks her a few questions — she apparently gets odd sorts of cases such as Maxi Molars from time-to-time, and has an awareness of the occult underground. She would not consider herself part of it, though. When Jones mentions his lawyer is in-the-know, she asks if it is Terry Kozlowski, as she has apparently encountered him before. Jones also asks her a couple of personal questions, namely what she likes to read — she says she reads both fiction and non-fiction, although she probably gravitates more toward non-fiction. She’s currently reading The Big Short. As they are returning to the police station, Jones asks if she could keep him informed if there’s anything he should know about. She asks him to do likewise, and they exchange contact information. He finally recommends she try some poetry for a change, recommending a collection of Pablo Neruda. She says she’ll take him up on it.

Jones and Leah both return to the waiting area at the same time, finding a somewhat nervous Kevin, as he’s just been left alone under rather mysterious circumstances. After Leah’s lawyer takes his leave, the trio assembles into Jones’ rental car and leaves.

On the way back, they discuss the proceedings. Leah explains that James was breaking into her apartment, and is very freaked out about it. She also texts Clark to let him know that Jimmy broke into her apartment; he says he’ll be in touch. Kevin suggests that she needs to chill, and should take a spa day. She thinks this is a good idea, but conversation gets heated again after Jones mentions his meeting with Detective Willett, and conversation turns back to what they should do. Kevin finally suggests that they’ve been around each other for quite some time, and maybe they need to take a break from each other.

When they return to Bex’s house, Kevin takes his bike and leaves. Jones, agreeing that Leah’s a little frazzled, says he’ll take her to Chakras if she would like. They hang out, and he ends up driving her to a nearby spa. While she’s enjoying her afternoon, he asks if he can borrow her phone, and he looks up Mabel’s number. He calls her to ask if she has any good way of tracking people or lost objects down, or if she knows of any place where stolen artifacts might be sold. She doesn’t have any particular special way of tracking down lost objects or people, although she’s done a little detective work in her time, and so she’ll keep her ear to the ground. In terms of sellers, the Dealer is the primary seller in the area, and the Swap Meet isn’t scheduled to come through here any time soon, although it’s entirely possible that somebody may have fenced stolen good to a lesser Merchant in the area. She does note that he probably would have encountered the Merchant known as John Fist at the American Café; he might not be a bad person to call. Tracking lost or stolen objects could be obliquely accomplished by gutter magick, although specific rituals would likely be better. Jones thanks her, and they make note of each others’ contact information for future use.

After some discussion with Leah, they decide to contact someone the American Dream mentioned, a person they called “Less Than Three.” Leah texts the American Dream for his contact information, and they send a number with the admonition to “bring your checkbook.” Leah calls the number, and is introduced to someone with an Eastern European accent calling himself Jimmy Lessthanthree Brenda. After some back-and-forth, he indicates he can help her. Come to the Chase Bank at Ernst & Young Plaza before the lobby closes, and ask for Jimmy.

When she arrives, she asks one of the tellers for Jimmy. The teller heaves a mighty sigh and points her in the direction of one of the desks, where a suited but somewhat shabby man sits. His nameplate, oddly enough, reads Jimmy Lessthanthree Brenda. Leah and Jones sit, and Leah explains about the stolen pipe and poster. He says he can track them down for three thousand dollars. She says two, and he accepts. He drafts a contract for a payment schedule; $1,000 immediately, and the other $1,000 in one week. She asks what happens if he doesn’t deliver, but he assures her, only his death will prevent him from not delivering, and then she doesn’t have to pay him. She finally agrees, so he gives her the contract — it says what he claims it does — and they both sign. His signature is rendered as Jimmy less-than-three Brenda, with the less than sign and three forming a heart. He gets another bank employee to notarize it, and they exchange contact information so he can inform her when he learns what she wants to know. She pays him, thanks him, and leaves.

Leah texts Kevin about it as Jones and Leah return to Bex’s. Jones then takes his leave for the evening.

When Jones arrives at his hotel, his door is open and there is a janitor in his room. The tag on his uniform reads Sabas. Suspicious due to the lateness of the hour, he pushes the man into the room, closes the door behind him, and begins interrogating him as to what he is doing here. He indicates he’s just been cleaning, and at Jones’ request, shows him around the room to the spots he’s cleaned. Jones then directs him to call the front desk, which he does, and Sabas otherwise indicates that he just cleaned the room and brought up room service, which was left in the mini-fridge. Jones, knowing he didn’t order anything, instructs Sabas to open the refrigerator. As he does so, there is a faint, metallic click. The door reveals a pipe bomb with an electric countdown timer. It swiftly clicks from 0:02 to 0:01 to 0:00 before detonating in a fireball.

Jones hears the explosion and feels the force and the heat, but when the dust settles, the room is still intact. Sabas indicates this was a maneuver to allow him to speak with Jones, uninterrupted. He says he’s been investigating some of the occurrences in Los Angeles, and Jones and his friends keep being mentioned, with regards to the Atlanteans, the shooting the other night, and suchlike. Does Jones know anything regarding the Elvis signal intrusion last week? A week ago, on January 6, right around this time in the evening, several people watching television in the Hollywood Hills reported seeing about three minutes of an old Ed Sullivan program featuring Elvis performing. People listening to the radio reported the audio of the same broadcast. Jones indicates he doesn’t know anything about it, and when Sabas questions further, Jones suggests he doesn’t really know what’s happening regarding the occult underground. Sabas indicates he doesn’t think the world is ending, based on Jones’ testimony, which is likely a good sign. Jones asks if he prevents the world from ending, and Sabas replies that it’s complicated, but yes. Once he is convinced Jones doesn’t know anything of value, he apologizes for the bomb, again reiterating that it was the only way to speak to Jones uninterrupted. At this, he draws Jones’ attention to the clock on the desk, which has not advanced in the past several minutes. He thanks Jones for his time, and indicates he likely will not meet him again. As he leaves and closes the door, the clock advances again.

Eventually, the woman working the front desk arrives, and is very confused when Jones indicates it was a misunderstanding, and sends her away.

Unsurprisingly, Jones then immediately texts Kevin and Leah to let them know what has happened.

Meanwhile, upon returning home, Kevin goes to the beach to meditate. He tries to look through one of the Holes to see who currently holds the pipe and the map, but he is shaken by his inability to view the scene. He sits out until dawn, when he tries again; this time, he sees the unmistakable profile of the Dealer through one of the Holes. Satisfied, he then returns to his house to go to sleep.

The next morning, Jones works out at the hotel gym before deciding to go for a run. He manages to evade some suspiciously journalistic people, although when he returns to the hotel, he finds the Hispanic man he previously saw at the American Café and at the Fitzroys’ press conference. Jones waves jauntily before returning upstairs.



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