USW: Tip the World Over on Its Side

Session 12

Friday, January 14, 2011

After spending a bit of time in his room, Jones returns downstairs to see if the journalist is still in the lobby. He isn’t. Jones then works out some more before calling Leah to see if she wants to get lunchtime mimosas and talk about the week’s events. She agrees, although Bex has a shoot later today, and Leah was hoping to go; Bex tells her to catch up later whenever she’s done talking to Jones.

They meet for lunch and Jones fully recounts his encounter with Sabas, including the fact that he’s apparently on the side of stopping the world from ending, and the fact that the Elvis broadcast signal intrusion happened around the time Jasper Fitzroy was leaving on his plane to Colombia. He wonders if Sabas would have reacted differently to him had he given more information or known what he was talking about, rather than appearing ignorant. He also wonders if there might be any way to get in contact with Sabas, and both Jones and Leah agree that Mabel might know. Jones calls Mabel, giving her Sabas’ name, a brief description, and a recounting of what he did in the hotel room. Mabel says it doesn’t ring a bell, but she’ll ask around.

The pair talks about other recent events, and contemplates what to do about them until they are interrupted by a phone call from Kevin.

Having stayed up late the previous night, Kevin awakes around 2 PM, and staggers out into his living room to find The Voice standing there, idly looking over his DVDs. He says since Kevin’s roommates weren’t home, he took the liberty of letting himself into the house. He has a message to deliver: Kevin’s offer to Dr. Soto has been delivered, and if he is still interested in acting as a representative of the Court in his Otherspace spelunking expeditions, they would be willing to assist. Kevin says he’ll need to talk it over with his associates — The Voice refers to them as a “cabal” — and The Voice agrees. He gives Kevin his number and leaves.

Kevin then calls Jones and says he should probably meet with them. As they’re still having lunch, he agrees to meet them there. Once Kevin arrives, Jones briefly explains about his encounter with Sabas and Kevin explains his recent encounter with The Voice. Jones notes that sounds like a threat, but Kevin says it’s part of his discussion with Dr. Soto the other day and seems like a potential way to get in with the Court, particularly since The Dealer has the stolen objects. Jones and Leah ask how he knows this, and he explains he saw it through one of the holes. During this conversation, Leah gets two phone calls: one from her lawyers at Gibson Dunn indicating her family is meeting with E! next Friday afternoon, and another from Jimmy lessthanthree Brenda indicating he has her information, but he doesn’t want to discuss it over the phone. She says she’ll be by the bank soon. Once she explains this to the others, they suspect he’s going to confirm what Kevin already told them. Everyone piles into Leah’s car and heads to the bank.

When they arrive at Chase Bank, Jimmy is waiting outside, nervously smoking a cigarette. He indicates that The Dealer has the goods about which she inquired, although he doesn’t have any further information. If she wants him to steal them back now, having to cross The Dealer just increased his price; he’ll need at least $20,000 to do such a thing. They discuss cutting a deal with The Dealer, but Jimmy says they’re better off dealing with him because he’ll only want money. Who knows what The Dealer will ask of them? They thank him and go on their way.

While driving around, they discuss their options. They talk about how they would go about securing the pipe and the map once they retrieve them, and Leah decides to see if The American Dream would know. After a few minutes, they text back, recommending Leah contact Levar “The Librarian” Burton. As the topic of other contacts arises, and Kevin notes his conversation with Edna a couple of days ago, and her desire to retrieve One Glorious Day from Brigid Ruskin in exchange for H. J. Whitley’s secret Hollywoodland folio. While they’re talking about it, Leah jumps on her phone and looks for what studio produced One Glorious Day. When she learns it’s Paramount Pictures, she tells Kevin and Jones she has to go do something, so she’ll catch up with them later. They agree to catch a bus back to their cars, and she drives over to the studio.

On the way over, she calls one of her father’s associates, Joseph Hall, to let him know she has something important to discuss. Once at the studio, she manages to get admitted to see him, and explains that she has a lead on a copy of One Glorious Day, specifically a copy containing all the old Fatty Arbuckle scenes rather than Will Rogers. Hall is interested, but says he can’t really do anything based on some rumor, no matter how reputable. She’ll have to somehow validate the film before he can motivate any archivists. She thanks him and heads back to Bex’s.

Kevin and Jones have to make a couple of transfers before returning to their vehicles, and Jones is surprised when he enters a bus to see Jane there. He takes a seat next to her — Kevin deigns to leave them alone — and she asks how he is doing in light of the shooting at the American Café. They talk for a while, and he notes that he’s thinking about taking Mabel out somewhere tomorrow, and asks if she could recommend a smoky, out-of-the-way bar. She suggests the HMS Bounty. Eventually, they reach her stop in Beverly Hills, and she takes her leave, reminding Jones that he has her number if he needs anything.

As Kevin and Jones arrive back at the restaurant, Leah calls, indicating she can’t get support from Paramount to retrieve One Glorious Day without proof, but she’s bursting with this idea of hosting a charity auction on behalf of her father and using that as leverage to gain access to Ruskin’s collection. Kevin and Jones aren’t too sure it will work, but are on board to try it.

Kevin gets on his bike and heads back to his house while Jones gets in his rental and prepares to head back to the hotel. When he arrives, he is surprised to find a small throng of journalists, waiting for him.



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