USW: Tip the World Over on Its Side

Session 13

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rather than deal with any journalists, Jones decides to slip back into his car and drive off. He goes to purchase a change of clothes and find another hotel. While he’s shopping, however, a journalist manages to catch sight of him and corners him. Jones responds by sitting on a bench, and looking at the camera expectantly in utter silence. After a few minutes, the journalist realizes he’s not going to get anything out of him and leaves.

When Jones has made his purchases and is all settled, he calls Jane and asks if she wants to do anything that evening. After some deliberation, she suggests they meet at the HMS Bounty, so that he can preview it before taking Mabel there. He agrees to meet her there, changes, and drives over. Jane arrives about ten minutes after Jones, absolutely stunning, although Jones suspects that there’s magick afoot. Regardless, he keeps his wits about him, takes things slowly, and they both seem to come to a mutual unspoken agreement not to discuss the occult underground at all — they just have a lovely evening of drinks and dancing before agreeing to do this again, and they part to return to their respective homes.

Meanwhile, it’s taco night at Kevin’s place. Most of the beach crowd ends up coming over, and Kevin makes certain that Felicia feels welcome. Probably having had a bit more to drink than she ought to have, she thanks him profusely for taking her in and making her feel like one of his friends.

While Jones and Kevin engage in their respective evenings, Leah sends Mel an email regarding her charity auction idea. He calls her a few minutes later, somewhat displeased with the idea and accusing her of using it to further her reality show ambitions, but she says it’s what mom would have wanted. He reluctantly agrees, and says he’ll help. He’ll look into it, talk to Pam, and they’ll figure out what they’re doing.

After her conversation, Leah starts getting ready for the club that evening. She is interrupted partway through by a phone call from Clark. He says he has some things to discuss, but it’s probably best done in person; could she meet him? He can come to her. She says she’s getting ready, but he says it’s no big deal; he’ll only need to talk to her for a moment. She gives Clark Bex’s address, and he says he’ll be along in fifteen minutes or so.

There’s a knock at the door, and Bex answers, finding Clark at the stoop. He explains that he needs to talk to Leah for a moment, and he’ll bring her right back in one piece. They go out to his car, driven by Ninkasi from the American Café, and she drives around the block while they talk. Clark first asks her to elaborate on her text message regarding Maps-to-the-Stars Jimmy, and she explains that he broke into her home the night of the shooting and took a couple of things that are now in the hands of The Dealer. He doesn’t know what to make of that, other than Jimmy was probably possessed by Maxi Molars when he did it, and The Dealer quite possibly had something to do with it. Clark asks if he can have Jones’ number as he has something to discuss with him, and Leah gives it to him. Finally, although he was initially reluctant, he’s willing to take her on as an apprentice; they’ll discuss such matters in the near future.

After he drops her back off at Bex’s house, she thanks him, and returns. Bex asks about Clark, and Leah explains he owns a bar downtown and he’s an acquaintance of Jones. She finishes getting ready, and then Bex and Leah meet up with Lorenzo and hit the clubs in town. As the night proceeds, Leah notices a tall, thin, dark-haired caucasian woman eyeing her. She’s puffing on a vape canister as she moves through the club. Leah points the woman out to Bex, and finally the woman approaches, indicating she recognizes her from her makeup tutorials on YouTube. After some discussion, the woman adopts a conspiratorial air, and notes that she’s sorry to hear about Leah’s father. She indicates she can tell fortunes, and offers to aid Leah, although she recommends stepping away from her companions as this might not be for their ears. Leah cautiously agrees, and they move toward a corner of the club near one of the exits.

The woman, having introduced herself as Capri, blows a puff of smoke before passing it to Leah and instructing her to do the same. Leah does so, and the woman begins waving at the smoke. She takes another puff, looks at the canister quizzically, shakes it, bangs it against her palm, and tries it again. When she does so, she exhales and exudes a heavy cloud of smoke — so much smoke that quickly rips through the club and obscures all vision. Leah then feels a hand grab for her. A scuffle ensues, but Leah manages to wrench herself away and feels her elbow connect with someone’s jaw. After staggering through the smoke, she finally manages to stumble out of an exit. She waits around as people pour out, looking for Bex and Lorenzo, but she eventually spies Capri. She tells the others that she started the fire, and starts to leave as the crowd harasses the woman. However, she quickly calms them down and starts after Leah, telling her if she doesn’t do what she wants, she’s getting lung cancer. This gives Leah pause, so she decides to listen; Capri indicates her friends want to have a chat with her about her father. She gestures to a black sedan parked along the street. Leah doesn’t feel great about this setup, but deigns to go with them. She dials 9-1- on her phone, just to be prepared in case something happens. She gets into the back, and Capri follows after her as sirens sound in the distance.

When the doors close, the car heads off. Sitting next to her is a young man with a huge mohawk, probably of east Asian. A pale, dark-haired, middle-aged caucasian woman sits in the passenger seat, while a young, African-American male with short dreadlocks is in the driver seat. As she settles and the car drives away, Capri exhales a cloud of smoke and Leah’s phone disintegrates to ash in her hands. Rather than fear, she begins berating them, and angrily demands to know what they want. It quickly comes out that the African-American guy had a vision regarding Leah’s father, and he’s under the impression that her father is the King of Scales. Leah says this is nonsense, but the woman in the passenger seat notes that maybe she doesn’t know about it. She asks if Leah ever had weird illnesses or anything as a child, and she indicates she did not. Further discussion makes it quickly apparent that the guy probably misinterpreted his vision, and she has nothing to do with the King of Scales. They indicate they’re here to oppose his rule, and thought she could be used as some manner of leverage, but given that she’s apparently not connected, that seems unlikely. The driver introduces himself as Thus Always to Tyrants, while his passenger is Sara and the man in the backseat is Amadeus. After Leah chides them further, and demands they replace her phone, they decide to return her to the club; the driver instructs Capri to give her number to Leah so she can help her get a phone in the morning. Amadeus says it will be done.

Once they return to the club — already surrounded by fire engines and emergency personnel — she gets out and manages to reunite with Bex and Lorenzo. She says she got separated and wandered around the block trying to find them; she thinks she dropped her phone in the confusion. They all decide to head back to Bex’s.

The next morning, Jones exercises and calls Kevin to see how things are going. As they are discussing things, he is interrupted by a phone call from Bex, and says he’ll call Kevin right back. Leah answers, apparently just using Bex’s phone, and briefly explains the events of last night, and the fact that her phone is gone. They decide to meet later; since Leah should be moving back into her house today, they agree to meet there at two. Jones asks if Kevin can come, and she says that’s fine. Jones calls Kevin back and informs him they’re meeting at Leah’s house at two.

Jones receives a phone call from Clark a little later, indicating he received Jones’ number from Leah. He asks how Jones is doing, given everything, and Jones says he’s fine, although he notes that Leah appears to have had some trouble last night. From what she said, though, she’s fine this morning. Clark notes that Hal — the well-dressed fellow at the American Café — was good friends with Maps-to-the-Stars Jimmy. Hal is curious if he could talk with Jones regarding the shooting and Jimmy’s final moments. Jones doesn’t know what that will accomplish, and Clark agrees, but he agrees to it, saying it’s probably the right thing to do. He says Clark can pass along his contact information.

After Leah gathers her things and retrieves her keys from the police, she returns home, and reluctantly calls Capri’s number. They agree to meet at a nearby Apple Store. When Leah arrives, Amadeus and Capri are there, with the latter sporting a huge bruise on her jaw; they wait near the front of the store while Leah makes her selection and gets the Apple staff to activate it and download all her settings and information from the cloud. When she’s ready, they pay for it. Amadeus apologizes again, and Leah delivers more invective before parting company.

When Leah checks her phone, she finds she already has a voicemail message; it’s from Clark, indicating he’s just checking to make certain she is all right. She calls him back, and he explains he spoke to Jones this morning and heard about her trouble; when she explains the previous night’s activities, he notes that sounds a bit like a group called Tyrannicide. He doesn’t know a whole lot about them, especially given Leah’s description, although Capri sounds like some manner of smoke-wizard. He does know that they usually operate in San Francisco, but he guesses they’re here now. Opposing the King of Scales completely sounds like something that might interest them.

The trio meets at Leah’s house at two, and discusses the previous night’s events. They don’t know what to do about Tyrannicide, or even if they’re likely to be friend or foe, so they’ll ignore them for the moment. Jones suspects they’ll likely cross paths again, though.

With these things apparent, Jones goes over the facts regarding Jasper Fitzroy to see if there’s anything they missed. Apart from the odd coincidences placing Jasper, Melker, and Baltazar at the same ages and names as the three wise men, the only thing Leah knows about Jasper’s birth is his birthdate, December 21, 1950, as he was adopted. As far as Leah can recall, there’s nothing immediately strange about her mother, Robin.

Given the current events on the agenda, and the fact that Jones would like to return to his old hotel, get his things, and check out, they decide on a course of action for the afternoon. Leah will go discuss the charity auction with Mel and Pam, while Kevin goes to Jones’ hotel to retrieve his things and check out in his stead. Jones prepares to research more about Jasper’s past when his cell phone chirps. He has received a text message from an unfamiliar number. When he opens the message, it reads, “Have questions? Need answers? Why not try the GNOMON app?” with an attached link.

Resigned to his fate, he clicks the link.



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