USW: Tip the World Over on Its Side

Session 19

Friday, January 21, 2011

While preparing for her meeting that afternoon, Leah receives a phone call from Mabel. Mabel indicates she has a piece of information she neglected to mention last night, and she only recently learned, not having known that Jasper Fitzroy was adopted. She proceeds to explain about the plot of Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild — wherein Aleister Crowley describes the creation of an incarnated lunar deity, the titular Moonchild — and how this influenced rocket scientist and fellow O.T.O. member Jack Parsons to engage in his Babalon Working. Performed in tandem with none other than L. Ron Hubbard, the Babalon Working was supposed to incarnate a the Thelemite deity Babalon on Earth. Parsons considered a success when he soon met Marjorie Cameron and proclaimed her his Scarlet Woman, although the second phase — conceiving a mystical child — never came to fruition and Hubbard later ran off with Parsons’ savings and his wife. Regardless, Parsons and his research associate Frank Malina tried to sell a script treatment about rocketry to MGM. Although this venture failed, Mabel understands that there was some contact with MGM. Parsons used to throw lavish parties in those days; she attended more than her fair share, and she claims none other than Nick Schenck was in attendance at one, where he may have discussed Parsons ideas regarding his Babalon Working. Whatever the case, she heard persistent rumors that Schenck tried to perform his own Babalon Working to make the perfect movie star, the King of movie stars, someone MGM could shape and control. There have been two men called the “King of Hollywood,” Douglas Fairbanks and Clark Gable. To make the ultimate movie star, the studios connived to get Clark Gable with Sylvia Ashley, Douglas Fairbanks’ wife until his death in 1939, thereby symbolically making her a Queen of Hollywood. Although the marriage was rocky, they tried to get them to produce a child. History records no such thing, but rumors in the occult underground of the late 1940s and early 1950s indicates they did, and gave it up for adoption when it was clear the marriage wouldn’t work. Mabel believes that child ended up with the Fitzroys, as they were friends of Clark Gable, and can be placed in Nassau in December 1950 when the Gables were on vacation and Jasper would have been born.

As such, Mabel recommends that Leah gets a DNA test, as she might be Clark Gable’s secret granddaughter. Leah restrains herself, but is overjoyed at this news, particularly since it might form another hook for her show. She thanks Mabel for the information.

On her way to the meeting at E!, Leah gets a call from Jimmy ‘lessthanthree’ Brenda, indicating that she missed her payment yesterday. She apologizes, and she agrees to PayPal him the money.

Leah, Pam, Mel, BJ, Lorenzo, Bex, and lawyers from Gibson Dunn arrive at the E! offices. On their way through the building, they run into Ryan Seacrest, who congratulates Leah on joining the company; he similarly congratulates her on her “piece” last night, although it’s pretty clear he doesn’t know what to make of said ritual.

Once in the offices, negotiations proceed for a couple of hours, but seem to go well. Leah keeps her plans regarding Algeria to herself for now, although she does instruct her lawyers to go ahead and pitch her name for the show — Princess Leah. The corporate types seem to think it should fall under parody, and therefore won’t cause any conflict with Lucasfilm.

By the end of the meeting, it sounds like a few more clerical things need to happen among the lawyers before things begin, but it sounds like more-or-less a done deal. Leah goes out that night with Bex and Lorenzo to celebrate.

While Leah is running her errands, Jones calls Jane with the prospect of going out somewhere tonight or tomorrow — dinner, or a walk somewhere or something. He catches her voicemail, but she calls him back within a few minutes, and indicates she wouldn’t be able to meet him until this evening, although she’s free tomorrow. Maybe dinner tonight and museums tomorrow during the day? Jane and Jones agree to meet around 6 PM tonight.

Jones also does a little digging to try to determine what he’ll need to know for any trip to Algiers — and what he might have to do to bring a firearm with him.

While working, Kevin rides around and finds a little out-of-the-way grocer. He buys five different types of flour, dreaming up potential mystic tacos, and later contacts Jones to grab lunch and tell him about these things. They also discuss what they think will come of Leah’s meeting, and any potential trip to Algiers. They eventually part ways, but figure they will speak again whenever they talk to Leah.

Around 6 PM, Jones meets Jane for dinner. It’s a lovely time, and even though Jones is prepared for the fact that Jane is spending time with him purely for mystical reasons, he gets the impression that she is genuinely interested in him. They agree to meet tomorrow afternoon and walk around the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Then Jones goes home, gets changed, and gets ready for work at 11 PM.

Kevin, meanwhile, drops in on Mabel to let her know about the party at his house next weekend. He also asks about Brigid Ruskin, and Mabel says she’s heard of her. A Rosicrucian, allegedly, and a scary old mystic to boot. She’s supposed to be missing an eye — rumors are she sacrificed that eye to summon a creatured called an unspeakable servant, a shoggoth-like thing made from moonlight and acting as a witch’s familiar. Mabel’s never really met her, though, so maybe take all that with a grain of salt? Still, if they plan on dealing with her, be careful. Kevin thanks her and goes about his business.

The next day, Jones, Kevin, and Leah end up gathering to discuss the auction and Leah’s show. The wonder if trying to find her father will somehow result in the King of Scales trying to revoke her show, but she’s committed to the prospect. Edna ends up calling Kevin to ask if any progress has been made on One Glorious Day or if he has some counter offer; he says they’re still working on it, but should have progress soon. She recommends they make their progress within a few days.

After some further discussion, everyone parts ways — especially since Jones says he has an appointment at 2 — and Jones keeps his date with Jane at 2 PM. Meeting at the museum, they wander around and look at the artwork for a while, making idle chatter and generally pretending they don’t both live in a world controlled by eldritch forces. Eventually, Jones decides to test the waters by noting that he doesn’t really have any artwork in his house. Jane revisits this comment some time later, indicating that she suspects he has a rather pragmatic home. Talk turns to what sort of art he should use to decorate it, and they eventually decide that perhaps they should each decide on a piece and see how it fits his home. They subsequently go to the gift shop and do just that.

Returning to Jones’ house, they discuss potential placement until talk turns to the bedroom, and the artwork is forgotten.

Later, as Jones gets ready for work, he suggests that Jane can stay if she likes. She indicates that might be nice; she’s hardly any sort of cook, but she can have some manner of breakfast/dinner cooking around when he returns.

During that same evening, Kevin manages to catch Felicia, and asks about the prospect of letting Otis know about the occult underground. She says she doesn’t know; Kevin clearly knows him better than she does, so he’s probably a better judge. Kevin also intimates that they might be getting into some dangerous stuff, so if anything happens, just look after Otis, okay?

Felicia does not seem to find this particularly reassuring.



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