USW: Tip the World Over on Its Side

Session 24

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jones, Kevin, and Leah all meet at Jones’ house and pile into his car. They then travel to the lobby of 811 Wilshire and get coffee at the coffee shop while waiting for the police. Kevin looks around for holes and determines that there are none in the building — an odd occurrence, as they are usually all over the city. After maybe twenty minutes or so, Detective Willett arrives with a couple of other police officers. They speak to some of the people milling about, head to the dentist’s office, knock on the door, and go inside. They re-emerge in a half hour, and then take the elevator — Detective Willett looks a little nervous at the prospect — in an attempt to look around the building. They’re gone for another half-hour before returning to the lobby, apparently thanking some of the building staff for their assistance, and leaving.

Deciding there is nothing further to be done, Jones, Kevin, and Leah leave. Jones receives a text message from Willett indicating there is no evidence of anything that happened to Bex. While in the car, Jones, Kevin, and Leah plot their next move — should they focus on this? Should they keep working on the auction? Should they try to negotiate for the Whitley Folio? While discussing the possibility of talking to The Voice, Leah gets a phone call from an unknown number. When she answers it, it turns out to be The Voice, asking if she is available to meet, as he has a message to deliver from the King’s Court. He would prefer to meet somewhere somewhat private. She asks if her associates can accompany her, and he says as long as she trusts them, it should be fine. Since the King’s Court probably knows where she lives anyway, she settles on her house. He agrees to meet her there.

When Jones pulls up in front of her house, there is a limo parked across the street, and her light are on. The trio cautiously opens the door, and she calls out, prompting The Voice to round the corner. She chides him for entering her house uninvited, and he apologizes, explaining that has come because The Dealer wishes to speak with her. She does not agree to allowing The Dealer in her home, so The Voice motions to the limo and The Dealer, accompanied by a couple of bodyguards in suits, emerges. They have a conversation in front of Leah’s house; The Dealer reacts with mock insult that he was not invited to her auction. After some back-and-forth and input from the rest of the group, Leah says he can attend as a guest if he will return the map and pipe that were stolen from her and Kevin. He says he should be able to arrange for the return of these objects before the auction. They’ll be in touch.

With that resolved, The Dealer and The Voice bid the cabal good night and return to their limo. Jones, Kevin, and Leah continue to discuss matters, as well as what they wish to do next. They decide they’d rather ask forgiveness than permission, so they definitely won’t inform the King’s Court that they’re trying to rescue Jasper Fitzroy. Given what’s occurring at the moment, the proper order of operations seems to be working on the auction, Jones helping out his police contact in two weeks, and then everyone heading to Algeria to find Jasper. In the meantime, they can look into this haunted building on Wilshire, although it may not be top priority. In terms of people to help them deal with it, they decide on Dr. George Wei, as he seems like he would no doubt be interested in a building anomaly, and he seems vaguely trustworthy. Kevin contacts him, and Dr. Wei sets up an appointment for Thursday at 4:30 PM.

The next couple of days pass without incident — Jones and Kevin work, while Leah meets with Melker to further plan the auction. Jones, Kevin, and Leah meet at the mathematics department at UCLA to meet with Dr. Wei at 4:30. His office is roughly what one would expect, and Jones, Kevin, and Leah proceed to explain about this mysterious building on Wilshire Boulevard and the fact that one of their friends was attacked there. He says he has time to check it out, and given how dangerous it appears to be, the others insist on coming with him. Dr. Wei and Kevin will enter, while the others wait nearby in case there is trouble.

When Dr. Wei and Kevin arrive at 811 Wilshire, the reception is immediately hostile. All eyes seem upon them, and when Dr. Wei enters a shop, he is quickly accused of attempting to shoplift and asked to leave. Kevin texts Jones and Leah, and when they arrive, they find that they are all treated with the same disdain. They leave 811 Wilshire and discuss plans. Dr. Wei says he’d like to try something and attempts to re-enter, but the doors will not permit him entry into the building. This now seems to be the case for Jones, Kevin, and Leah, as well. After further discussion, Dr. Wei says he thinks he can get some answers, and asks for the location of a butcher shop. Kevin directs him to Belcampo Meat Co. on Broadway, and he says he’ll be back. He returns in twenty-five minutes with a container of blood and a dish, and heads to the back alley. Jones warns him of the camera, but he suspects the building’s owners are already aware of his nature. He pours the blood into the dish and advises the others to wait. Within a few minutes, a misty shape begins to form over the bowl.



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