USW: Tip the World Over on Its Side

Session 29

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jones awakens in his hospital bed after a somewhat fitful night. Jane similarly awakens, curled in a hospital chair. After a bit, the doctor enters, and introductions are made. Learning that Jane is not his wife, he asks if she can step outside while he discusses things with Jones. As she leaves, the doctor is clearly vexed at seeing a woman like that as Jones’ girlfriend. He proceeds to explain that there are a couple of things on Jones’ chart that he finds troubling, and he’d like to schedule a CT scan for Jones to make sure everything is okay. After some back-and-forth, Jones indicates he’d like to think about it and talk it over with his girlfriend.

Once the doctor has left and Jane returns, Jones notes he has misgivings about staying, although perhaps that’s just his paranoia. He asks if CT scans or similar procedures interfere with magick at all; Jane doesn’t think so, but all sorts of rumors float around the occult underground. However, while she probably doesn’t go to the doctor as often as she should, most of the girls back in the Sect of the Naked Goddess regularly went to the doctor as part of their jobs. So far as she knows, there were no issues.

Meanwhile, Kevin receives a phone call from Detective Willett, asking if he’s around. She sounds annoyed. He indicates he’s at home, and she tells him that she’ll be right over, as she needs to talk to him. She arrives within a half-hour, and seems quite perturbed. She tells Kevin that she needs to know what he knows, now that she has encountered two groups of people without apparent origin: both the body she removed from his house last week, that has no records attached to it, and the people arrested last evening. Kevin says he’ll take her to the grotto where the travelers from the USSR-controlled United States emerged. On the walk, Kevin proceeds to explain — much to Willett’s annoyance, in his standard roundabout way — about how he sees “holes” in reality, like some grand Swiss cheese, and that he has done this since a fateful night where he transported between Long Beach and Malibu in an instant. Since then, he can perceive these strange holes, and interact with them, even traveling between them in this reality. In fact, Kevin notes that better than explaining, he’ll show her. She looks relatively unimpressed until Kevin disappears; she unholsters her gun, but stands frozen as if caught between the desire to shoot or run. Kevin reemerges and manages to talk her down, reframing it as just something he can do that’s ultimately natural.

Continuing their walk, Kevin explains that, regarding the man she retrieved from his house, a door opened in his bedroom wall, and a man came through. Felicia was home and in the shower, and was apparently surprised by him, resulting in the state in which he was found. He suspects this other place, which looks like the backstage of a theatre, somehow pushed through to our world, as if the inhabitants are trying to access this one. As for the incursion last night, Willett manages to draw out of him that the travelers apparently came from a grotto where he tried to transport Leah and himself to her house, although it failed.

Upon reaching the grotto, Kevin notes that it continues into the rock, forming a cave
that was not there before. He explains that the cave is new, and Willett draws her gun and a flashlight, and the pair enters into the cave. It continues for several yards before bending and revealing another opening looking over a beach. The entrance is blocked with police tape, and from this distance, it looks like it may be in a foreign language. Willett notes that this is as far as they’ll go, and they turn back, returning to Long Beach in Los Angeles.

Once back, further conversation leads Kevin to note that one of the travelers came to his house, held him and his friends hostage, and eventually left. Willett notes that this man only calling himself Steve has been out in the city for about twelve hours, and Kevin has just seen fit to mention it? She notes that she wants him to come to the station to give a statement and get a sketch artist to do an official portait in the hopes of catching him. Before leaving his house, Kevin shows her the extra doorway in his room, and notes that he has heard someone on the other side of it trying to get into his room. She asks if he has performed any other experiments on the Holes in this room, and he indicates he went to Leah’s house from here. Willett notes that the thing in common seems to be Kevin traveling through the Holes, so he should probably stop doing that if it’s ripping portals to other realities. In fact, closing these portals should be his priority, as it’s something that potentially only he can do.

Once they leave, she drives Kevin to the station in awkward silence, where they spend a couple of hours can officially relaying a description of Steve to a sketch artist. Once they are satisfied, Willett drops Kevin back at his house. He calls Leah, currently out scouting auction locations with Melker, to ask if he can swing by her house and check to make certain he hasn’t accidentally opened any Otherspaces there. She says she’ll let him know when she’s done.

Back at LAC+USC Medical Center, Jones is scheduled for a CT scan. After a couple of hours, the doctor gets back to him and says everything looks normal, but he would like to keep him for a couple of days just to make sure. Since there is technically nothing keeping Jones here, however, he argues to be released, and the doctor eventually relents. He does recommend that Jones rests for a couple of days, at least. They prescribe him painkillers, and he is eventually discharged in the early evening.

As they are preparing to leave, Jane asks that, given the attack and everything, would it be all right if she stays with Jones a couple of days? He agrees, and she warns him her apartment is fairly shitty. They drive, and he finds she lives in a relatively spartan efficiency, just a handful of books and clothes with a Kindle, laptop, and mp3 player. The one notable decoration is a copy of Magritte’s The Treachery of Images on the wall, from when Jane and Jones went to the museum. She packs two pieces of luggage within a half-hour — clearly having experience with this sort of thing — and the two head to Jones’ house.

When Kevin meets Leah at her house, he investigates and finds no errant portals to other dimensions, although he does describe his meeting with Willett. Leah does not comment on it, but is amused to learn that he’s been opening doors to Otherspaces when he made such a big deal about her ritual from two weeks ago causing so much trouble.

Later, Kevin calls Willett to let her know that he’s trying something to close the cave on Long Beach, but she doesn’t want to hear any details, she just wants him to fix it. He devises an impromptu ritual including rocks from both sides of the gate and a length of hose, and he enacts it, symbolically trying to cleave the two doors asunder, but the ritual appears to do nothing. Disappointed, he decides to contemplate for a couple of days, packing his things and heading to the commune.

That evening, Jones calls Leah to find out what’s happening in his absence. She informs him about the shooting last night, and what she learned from Kevin today. She notes, with relish, that Kevin has apparently been tearing holes to other realities with his strange abilities — and here he was worried about Leah’s ritual on the beach. Jones notes that’s probably imperative that they’re all on the same page about using the Holes, and that they need to find the man from the other place that escaped the police.

While Jones was on the phone with Leah, Jane received a phone call from Rosie, who indicates she had a car accident earlier with a dark-haired caucasian woman who fled the scene of the accident. She didn’t recognize the woman, but things have a way of coming together under the auspices of the Naked Goddess. She has Colorado plates, and Rosie caught the license plate number. Jones calls Willett about it and asks if she can track it down, as it relates to his attack from the other day, although it’s filtered through a friend of a friend, so it’s hardly official. Willett, still sounding somewhat annoyed from her encounter earlier in the day, agrees to look for the plate.

Jones then tries to call Kevin, but cannot reach him. He’s not terribly concerned, although he figures he’ll try again. Over the next few days.

The next day passes relatively uneventfully. Jane goes back to work, Jones takes another day to stay home, and Leah continues preparing for her auction. Kevin remains at the commune, ostensibly vision questing. As the day progresses, Jones gets an idea about how to track down the mysterious Steve, the man from Soviet California. He gives Jimmy lessthanthree Brenda a call.

After getting Jimmy’s voicemail, he receives a call back within a couple of minutes. He asks what Jimmy would need to track someone down, and Jimmy says this is probably better discussed in person. Jones is amenable to meeting that evening. If possible, could Jones bring Leah Fitzroy with him? Jimmy has business he wishes to discuss with her. Jones says he’ll find out, and they agree to meet at a bar at 8 PM. Jones relates Jimmy’s request to Leah, indicating he doesn’t know why Jimmy wants to see her. During the day, Jones tries to contact Kevin again, but still cannot get an answer.

That evening, Jones and Leah meet Jimmy. Jones explains that he wants to track down a man, but that this man originates from an Otherspace. Jimmy indicates he would probably still be able to do it, as long as this man handles money, but he has to be able to picture the person in his head. Some sort of picture or description or something would be optimal. Jones notes that he hasn’t been able to get a hold of the person who saw him, but he’ll see what he can do. As for why Jimmy wanted Leah here, he is hoping for a change in employment, and he knows Leah has several television and industry projects in the works. As such, he would be interested in becoming her accountant. As it stands, the magick in the money primarily works when it is given as part of a standard job, not in exchange for magick itself, so gainful employment would work best for him. Many of the people at the bank don’t fully understand the money, and think Jimmy is a little weird — everybody wants to spend money, but Jimmy wants to save it, as the magick is in the saving. Jones is polite, but clearly thinks he is a nutjob, while Leah thinks she understands, although she is curious as to whether such a position would secure her any sort of exclusivity? Jimmy indicates that was the idea. She thinks a deal can be struck; she’ll be in touch with him over the next couple of days. Once finished, Jimmy takes his leave, and Leah takes Jones back to his house.

The next day is similarly quiet, although Jones returns to work that morning even though he still has a bit of pain in his ribs and head. He suspects, although has not yet decided, that he might use his injury as an excuse to skip his boss Dan’s Superbowl party on Monday. When he returns home after work, he tries to call Kevin again with no luck. This time, he tries to call Otis, and manages to get him right away. He notes that he’s been trying to get in contact with Kevin the past couple of days but hasn’t had any luck, and Otis indicates he’s been up at the commune. Jones says he’s considering going and Otis offers to give him a ride up there, which Jones initially decides against but then reconsiders. He says he’d like to leave this evening, and Otis says that shouldn’t be a problem.



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