Felicia is Otis’ new girlfriend, although the real point of interest is that Kevin recognized her from the American CafĂ©. She seems nice, although she’s a little odd and stand-offish sometimes. Kevin noticed some old self-harm scars in innocuous places. She also has a tattoo in script on her neck that reads, “Jesus lived and died for all my sins.”

Jones, Kevin, and Leah have discussed the possibility that she might be a plant sent to spy on them, but that’s overly paranoid. Right?

As far as anyone can tell, Felicia isn’t a plant so much as a confused young woman and former adept. She used to be a flesh-mage, an Epideromancer. She doesn’t do it anymore, but some folks have claimed that there’s no such thing as a former adept. It’s like being an alcoholic; you take it one day at a time.

Image retrieved from http://broken0404.deviantart.com/art/no-name-201219808 on June 28, 2016.


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