Jones doesn’t talk much about his Air Force days, but his age puts him just in the right spot for Operation Desert Storm. (He’s alluded to other military actions beyond that, possibly in Somalia or Bosnia. Again, he doesn’t like to talk about it much.) After the Air Force, he’s been working as an air traffic controller at LAX. It can be tense, somewhat stressful work, but after the military, hurry-up-and-wait is old hat.

On the face of it, Jones is way too no-nonsense for the occult underground, but his penchant for pattern recognition is probably what led him to it. His first strange experience was late one night when two planes should have collided as they were landing. They didn’t (he still claims they passed through each other), and nobody else noticed that anything was amiss. When he asked for a status update, their clocks were both off, but everything else was otherwise normal. (In retrospect, there’s a further coincidence — Jasper Fitzroy was on one of those planes.)

He thought a lot about it, but didn’t really consider it until he spotted Leah Fitzroy one day, absently forming the tree of life with her french fries, back before she went full vegan.



He struck up a conversation, and the two have been friends ever since. It’s an odd friendship to be sure, but Jones is probably the perfect grounding influence for her flights of New Age fancy (plus, he’s always considerate of her more prosaic hangovers).


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