Kevin is a bike courier and Los Angeles beach bum who first suspected something was strange when he surfed all the way from Long Beach to Malibu. On one wave. In five minutes. Since that time, he’s been seeking what he calls holes, places where it’s possible to stand without being noticed, or walk through and find oneself in a new location. He thinks he’s close to sensing what he calls “the Pattern,” the network of all these “holes” throughout Los Angeles, but it’s hard to say.

Kevin used to work for Jasper Fitzroy, and he met Leah when he was asked to deliver a package to her — a strange piece of artwork. They’ve stayed in touch ever since.

A few months ago, Iggy Williams fired Kevin from Jasper’s employ, as he wanted to use a different courier. All of Kevin’s interactions with the Fitzroys have been unofficial since that time.

Image retrieved from on April 29, 2016.


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