Mabel Bradford


Mabel Bradford is one tough old bird. She was at the same MGM party referenced in Girl 27, only she kicked the shit out of the guy who tried to abuse her and then tried to dig up what other dirt she could on the studios.

What she found was the occult underground.

She claims that Louis B. Mayer and Nicholas Schenck were locked in a magickal war over the archetype of The Merchant, although Mayer was probably an unconscious avatar and Schenck had the uncanny ability to outlive his enemies. Since then, she’s bounced around the occult underground, raising hell and digging up dirt. She’s slowed considerably in the past few decades — she should be in her nineties by now — but she still keeps her ear to the ground. (For instance, she hasn’t interacted much with the King of Scales, but she claims there’s a persistent rumor that he had Tupac killed as the latter was a budding avatar of The True King.)

Mabel is apparently an avatar herself, consciously channeling The Flying Woman.

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Mabel Bradford

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