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  • Khalifastan

    Khalifastan is an [[Otherspaces | Otherspace]], apparently the name of some manner of Soviet-occupied southern California. What little is known about the realm suggests the Soviets invaded sometime in the early 1980s. The occupying Soviets are opposed …

  • Angeliy

    "Angeliy" is the [[Khalifastan | Khalifastan]] version of Los Angeles. According to [[:steve | Steve]], it hasn't been called "Los Angeles" since before the war.

  • Steve

    [[:kevin | Kevin]] ran into Steve skulking around his front porch. When Steve came inside, he had quite the story to tell. Steve apparently comes from another world, an [[Otherspaces | Otherspace]] known as [[Khalifastan | Khalifastan]], where the …