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  • The Merchant

    The [[The Archetypes | archetype]] devoted to commerce and the art of the deal. Merchant [[Avatars | avatars]] engage in commerce — although some trade in esoteric commodities rather than mundane items.

  • The True King

    The [[The Archetypes | archetype]] devoted to rulership. Like the "Fisher King":https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisher_King, potent [[Avatars | avatars]] of the True King are tied to the land — if the King suffers, so does the land; if the land suffers, so …

  • The Archetypes

    The archetypes are the primordial characters embodied by [[Avatars | avatars]]. Think of them as the Platonic ideal of a character, like Jungian archetypes or the major arcana of the Tarot — they could be the representation of the Father, the Mother, the …

  • The Flying Woman

    The Flying Woman is the empowered woman; according to rumor, Amelia Earhart might have been the first. [[:mabel-bradford | Mabel Bradford]] is apparently an avatar of The Flying Woman, and as the name suggests, can actually fly.

  • The Star

    The [[The Archetypes | archetype]] representing the celebrity. [[Avatars | Avatars]] of The Star are always the center of attention.

  • The Naked Goddess

    This [[The Archetypes | archetype]] references the Woman Everyone Can Have But You, and represents the mystery of the _femme fatale_. (There's also a bit about the unity of opposites, like the virgin whore.) According to [[:mabel-bradford | Mabel]], …

  • The Opportunist

    When opportunity knocks, The Opportunist is ready. The [[The Archetypes | archetype]] devoted to looking for an opening and taking the chance when it arrives, Opportunist [[Avatars | avatars]] are always looking for an advantage. Whether they're …

  • The Mother

    The [[The Archetypes | archetype]] devoted to, well, motherhood. I probably don't have to explain this one; you know what a mother is, don't you? Mother [[Avatars | avatars]] protect and nurture people, particularly children. There are persistent …

  • The Sexual Rebis

    Formerly known as The Mystic Hermaphrodite, The Sexual Rebis is an enigmatic [[The Archetypes | archetype]] representing tension, the rejection of traditional gender roles, and sorcery itself. The Sexual Rebis is a difficult path to walk, because …