The Gorman Diary

This sheaf of typewritten and photocopied papers started making its round in the Los Angeles occult underground in the mid-1990s. It appears to be an English translation of the diary of an Italian nun from the seventeenth century, detailing the life of one Sister Rosaria Gorman. Apparently, in her youth, she brushed up against the early modern occult underground, and possibly even the First and Last Man.

She briefly writes about fleeing the unrest surrounding the War of the Jülich Succession and dressing as a man and hooking up with a group of similar refugees and weirdos — the mercenary, Konrad Osterwald; the ferryman, Mannfried Handel; the displaced nobleman, Mannfried Orben; the merchant, Nicholas Schlender; and Goffhilf Adlermann, a strange Swedish tracker (and probably a pagan, based on his odd demeanor). They found their way to a strange castle out of time in the mountains with a basement full of strange wonders (no doubt what modern readers would recognize as an Otherspace) — she writes briefly of strange machines with no discernible purpose, and great glass-covered honeycombs filled with giant, slumbering serpents. Once they fled that place, they found themselves in Prague.

Interested parties may read about her adventures in Prague and beyond here.

After parting ways with Konrad Osterwald, she joined a convent in France and devoted the rest of her life to God. Her entries stop in the late 1660s, suggesting she probably lived well into her seventies.

The Gorman Diary

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