The American Café

4952 E. Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022

The American Café is a bar and restaurant that is a recreation of Rick’s Café Américain from Casablanca. Although it presumably has a mundane clientele, it seems to cater to the local occult underground, as well. There is a legal card room in the back.

The American Café is owned and operated by Clark Douglas.

Strangely, the bartender at the American Café has the uncanny ability to serve a “signature drink” — a drink that somehow represents the imbiber. Signature drinks are half-off. A list of people with known signature drinks follows:

Jack Ruby Slippers: Classic daquiri
Jones: Eight year bourbon, served with an ice ball
Kevin: Absinthe
Leah: St. Germain with mint and blueberry

The American Café

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