The Swiss Cheese

The “Swiss Cheese” is Kevin’s slang term for the strange, extradimensional holes in and around Los Angeles. He discovered them accidentally when he traveled between Long Beach and Malibu on a single wave over the course of a couple of minutes. He claims you can use them to move from one place to the other, or to hide — if you stand in one, no one will see you. Kevin has had minor success traversing the holes, but he has not yet determined a reliable way to travel to the world on the other side.

Oh, yes. He’s caught glimpses of a strange place on the other side of the holes, a place of roads and castles and mountains. He has not made it there, but he will.

The few people with whom he has discussed this phenomenon have called it an Otherspace, although they have claimed not to be familiar with this precise Otherspace.

Edna indicates that, according to the Whitley Folio, the strange place on the other side of the holes is, in fact, Hollywoodland.

The Swiss Cheese

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